Convenient, Effective Landscape Bed Weed Treatments

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Landscape beds become unsightly when numerous weeds take root. This gives the yard an unkempt appearance and reduces your property's value. You may find it difficult to see the plants you actually wanted to grow. However, unwanted vegetation doesn't only make your lawn look less appealing. It can also prevent desirable plants from thriving.

Like any living thing, a weed needs water and nutrition. It may not leave enough moisture or nutrients in the soil for other plants. This could cause nearby flowers, shrubs and grass to slowly expire.

Our Solution

Zoysia Green Lawn and Shrub Care have the solution to eliminate unwanted weeds in landscape beds. We achieve this by applying an effective herbicide every 30 days. 

We provide this valuable service to both year-round and part-time residents. If you live in a cooler region during the summer, our employees can visit your home and treat weeds while you're away. You won't have to worry about finding overgrown landscape beds when you return. A well-maintained property will also deter crime by making it harder to determine when you're not at home.

Zoysia Green Lawn and Shrub Care serves Marion, Lake and Sumter counties. In addition to weed treatments, we offer pest control and palm fertilization. Our knowledgeable staff works hard to maximize the beauty of each homeowner's property. To start controlling weeds in your landscape beds, please call today!