Lawn & Shrub Care

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Homeowners in Florida face the challenge of keeping their lawns green and healthy throughout the year. For some, having the greenest lawn in the neighborhood is a matter of pride. For others, lawn maintenance is a necessity to comply with community standards or face penalties. In any case, maintaining a healthy lawn is good for property values while resulting in significant environmental benefits.

Maintenance Considerations

A healthy lawn should be treated for any pests that may affect appearance of the yard and the health of surrounding plants. Some lawn pests may cause diseases in surrounding bushes and trees. Our lawn and shrub program will be the solution to maintaining a healthy lawn & landscape.

Bring in the Experts

Lawn maintenance may not be rocket science, but the investment you make in consulting an expert on this matter will save you money and headaches in the long run. Choose a local lawn expert who is familiar with the conditions and local issues. Sign up for a year-round lawn maintenance program because this is the best way to ensure that your lawn gets comprehensive care.

Property owners in Lake, Sumter, and Marion counties can contact the Zoysia Green Lawn and Shrub Care for a lawn and landscape assessment. We will prepare a customized plan to bring back your lawn to its healthy state while ensuring that it will remain healthy for your maximum enjoyment year-round.