Leesburg, FL Pest & Lawn Services

Residential Pest Control in Midland TX and Carlsbad NMLocated in Central Florida, Leesburg boasts wonderful year-round weather where residents enjoy attractions like the Venetian Gardens Splash Pad and the Veterans Memorial Park. The community, known as “The Lakefront City,” is surrounded by undeveloped land that hosts a variety of pests in a leafy habitat. Many of these pests can damage a new or existing lawn. A discolored yard or one with weeds or bare spots detract from the appearance of your home and its value. Some pests can also harm your house and family.

Pest Control

Infesting your walls, floors, and ceilings, termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. Ants and cockroaches contaminate food and countertops with a variety of pathogens, including salmonella. Wildlife like mice and squirrels can spread disease through their waste products. These animals may carry parasites like fleas and ticks. To keep their teeth sharp, rodents gnaw on wood and insulated wiring. This weakens structural elements and increases the potential of fire caused by an electrical short. Many do-it-yourself treatments are ineffective because they usually only kill pests that venture outside the colony or nest. The pests could potentially set up satellite locations in other areas of your house. You need the right bait and traps to catch rodents. Our trained technicians can identify the offending pest, determine where they have constructed their nest and develop a targeted approach that eliminates the problem as quickly as possible.

Weed Treatment

Your lawn and planting beds will become unsightly when weeds take roots. Landscaping that has an unkempt appearance reduces your property values. Weed overgrowth can prevent your grass and other desirable plantings from thriving. Various varieties of the unwanted vegetation can appear at different times throughout the year. While some weeds should be treated with pre-emergent herbicides to prevent the potential of germination, other varieties require post-emergent treatment for the best results. Each species may require a different formula or amount of herbicide for the most effective treatment. It is important to know the types of weeds that are most common in the community as well as the best time to treat your lawn. This strategy ensures that the plants do not come back.

Lawn Service

Most people want to maintain community standards and show their unique sense of style. Having well-maintained landscaping shows pride of ownership, but it can be difficult to keep your lawn, trees, and shrubs healthy throughout the year. This can become an elusive dream if pests attack your grass, plants, and trees. Replacing dead or damaged established plantings can be very expensive. Preventative care maintains the health of your lawn, trees, and ornamental plants year-round. A comprehensive care program is the best way to ensure that your landscaping continues to look its best for years to come.

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