Oxford, FL Pest & Lawn Care Services

land weedOxford, FL is a sunny, unincorporated community in Sumter County, which is a place that locals refer to as “the real Florida.” With abundant nature surrounding the residents and businesses of this area, there’s plenty of outdoor recreation for its growing population to enjoy.

However, the comfortable climate here also gives pests the conditions they need to proliferate and cause problems. Zoysia Green Lawn and Shrub Care has more than 10 years of experience removing and managing pest infestations in Oxford and the surrounding areas. You can depend on us to provide the following services.

Pest Control

Pests can create nuisances indoors and out. When an infestation sets in, unwelcome creatures like roaches, spiders, mosquitoes, earwigs, and rodents can pose threats to your health and the health of your family or employees. The trained pest control experts at Zoysia Green can accurately assess the extent of your pest issue and devise a plan that will rid your home or business of an infestation. We can also address the pests that threaten to ruin your lawn or garden.

We don’t just remove an active pest infestation; we create a plan to protect your property from future pest infiltration. Helping you achieve and maintain a comfortable and pest-free home or business is what we’re all about.

Weed Treatment

We all know the importance of making a good first impression, and the appearance of a home or business’s landscaping plays a significant role in how it’s perceived. Weeds can be a never-ending headache for any property owner. They can quickly overtake a landscaping bed and crowd out the attractive and expensive plants that you've so carefully chosen.

When you hire a professional weed-control service, your landscape beds will thrive, and your yard will look its best. Lawn professionals have the skills and tools to control and prevent even the most common and stubborn weeds in Oxford, FL. Zoysia Green uses high-quality, professional-grade herbicide that stops pesky weeds from showing up and taking over your landscaping.

Lawn Services

Spend more time enjoying all that this area has to offer by letting a lawn service take care of your yard work. You can have a lush, gorgeous lawn every day of the year without ever having to break a sweat. More than just saving you from having to labor in the yard yourself, Zoysia Lawn and Shrub Care delivers high-quality results because we have the in-depth, local knowledge needed to achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful grass and shrubs in Oxford. Our expertise saves our customers time and takes the guesswork out of lawn maintenance and care.

Zoysia Green Lawn and Shrub Care specialize in helping the residents and business of Oxford, FL to keep their properties healthy, comfortable and gorgeous. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you with pest control, weed treatment or lawn care, please give us a call today. We provide free assessments and quotes.